Cosmetics and household chemicals testing laboratory- testing cosmetics for animals

Eko Cert registration, Poison Centre registration, CPNP, patch test, SPF test, safety assessor, cosmetic product safety report, Dokumentation für Kosmetik, Sicherheitsbewertung kosmetischer Produkte, Labor für Kosmetikanalysen, Prüflabor für Kosmetika, Kosmetiktests
Cosmetics and household chemicals testing laboratory
"Cosmetics" for animals

Testing the effectiveness of products ("cosmetics") intended for animals.

EpiDermLab cosmetics testing laboratory also conducts tests on the effectiveness of products („cosmetics”) classified as chemical mixtures intended for animals.

We offer:

  • toxicological assessment
  • pH test
  • stability and compatibility
  • in-use tests with verification and veterinary opinion
Badania kosmetyków dla zwierząt, testing of cosmetics for animals

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