Cosmetics and household chemicals testing laboratory- instrumental efficacy tests (apparatus tests), hair thermal protection

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Cosmetics and household chemicals testing laboratory
instrumental efficacy tests (apparatus tests)

We offer instrumental efficacy tests of cosmetics (apparatus tests):

  • hair thermal protection
  • for anti-cellulite products- ULTRASCAN, ultrasound photos
  • assessment of the teeth whitening effect
  • moisturizing / not drying the skin
  • pH
  • smoothing
  • biochemical parameters (firmness and elasticity)
  • rate and amount of sebum secretion
  • TEWL
  • erythema, redness (hemoglobin)
  • coloring, discoloration, brightening effect, bronzing effect (melanin)
  • length and depth of wrinkles
  • roughness, exfoliation of the epidermis
  • secretion of sebum – Sebufix, Sebumeter
  • measurement of acne lesions (porphyrins, Propionibacterium Acnes)
  • SPF (Sun Protection Factor) in vitro
  • SPF (Sun Protection Factor) in vivo
  • UVAPF (UVA Protection Factor) in vitro
  • determining the critical wavelength
  • effectiveness of removing SPF products
  • water resistance and very water resistance
  • photos of the skin surface at 30x magnification
  • full-size photo of the face, the effect of improving the appearance of the skin, oval of the face
  • testing the effectiveness of antiperspirants in 24 and 48 hours
  • testing the effectiveness of the deodorant effect in 24 and 48 hours
  • „long lasting effect”
  • tests of the effects of lifting the drooping eyelid
  • tests of lip augmentation products „plumping effect”
  • eyelash length/ thickness
  • increase in nail length/ thickness
  • comedogenic
  • hair and skin shine, brightening effect, matting effect
  • soothing irritation – facial skin –  STINGING TEST
  • soothing irritations – body skin – STRIPPING TEST
  • soothing irritations – washing products – SLS
  • soothing burns
  • „no tears” test / tear-free effect
  • anti-dandruff shampoos tests
  • assessment of the condition of the scalp – blemishes, hair follicles
  • hair density measurement
  • hair loss measurement
  • hair cuticle assessment
  • reduction of cellulite
  • reduction of scars
  • reduction of inflammation
  • narrowing of the pores
  • reducing skin sensitivity
  • reduction of dark circles under the eyes
  • reduction of edema
  • reconstruction of the hydrolipid layer of the skin

Instrumental efficacy tests of skin and hair for cosmetics is an objective, indisputable assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of products (confirmation of the declared properties). It is also a non-invasive way to determine the condition of the skin and/or hair before and after using the product. These tests are performed in the laboratory under strictly defined ambient conditions, i.e. temperature and relative humidity.

Using non – invasive testing methods, we confirm the effectiveness of the products on a panel of testers selected depending on the specificity of the product.

SPF in vivo test
hair thermal protection, apparatus tests, Instrumental efficacy tests, Instrumentelle Prüfung von Kosmetika

We have professional, top-class, state-of-the-art equipment for measuring skin parameters, e.g. brands Courage+Khazaka electronic GmbH and Solar Light. We obtain precise results that are used to confirm marketing declarations. The results are presented quantitatively and using photos and 3D images.

In order to assess the effectiveness of the product, instrumental tests of cosmetics are performed before and after application, but it is also worth examining how some parameters, such as skin hydration, are maintained over time. In connection with the above, so that customers can get to know the operation of their products even better, we also offer apparatus tests for 5 or even 8 hours.

There is no study for your product here?

We will develop and implement research methodology especially for your cosmetic!

Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament end of the Council

Commission Regulation (EU) No. 655/2013 of July 10, 2013 laying down common criteria for the substantiation of claims used in relation to cosmetic products

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