Cosmetics and household chemicals testing laboratory- stability and compatibility tests, physicochemical tests for cosmetics, pH of the product and solution, density

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Cosmetics and household chemicals testing laboratory
Physicochemical tests

Physicochemical tests for cosmetics

These tests are performed for each type of cosmetic, and their selection depends on the type of product, composition and form of administration. These tests determine the quality of the product and are the first stage of testing the stability and compatibility of a cosmetic product.

We offer tests:

  • organoleptic assessment (appearance, color, consistency, smell)
  • pH of the product or solution
  • pH of oil products – we have a special probe
  • density
  • weight loss, packaging tightness
Badania stabilności kosmetyków, physicochemical tests for cosmetics, pH of the produkt and solution, density, Physikalisch-chemische Untersuchungen

Badania fizyko - chemiczne kosmetyków, organoleptyczne. Badanie stabilności i kompatybilności z opakowaniem kosmetyków..

Stability and compatibility tests


The first test, i.e. stability test, allows for the estimation of the date of minimum durability and appropriate storage conditions of the product. The conditions and time of testing are variable, selected individually for each type of product and target packaging.

Compatibility tests are carried out in commercial packaging. Their purpose is to exclude possible interactions of the cosmetic mass with the packaging material and vice versa.

We offer tests:

  • stability and compatibility – temperature resistance test
  • stability and compatibility – light resistance test
Badania stabilności i kompatybilności z opakowaniem, stability and compatibility tests, Stabilität/ Kompatibilität mit der Verpackung von Kosmetika


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